Lightburn for strange chinese laser cutter for textile

Hi. We have a laser cutting machine like this in our production. 双头异步全自动摄像定位激光切割机 - whtsjg

Would it be possible to set up lightburn on it? It came with very bad software and we are looking for an alternative.

I don’t know much about industrial CNC controllers (I only know Marlin), but if you tell me where to look for information, I’ll do it)

I do not think so, but why not just try if LightBurn can find the machine? If you do not have LightBurn in advance, you can download a fully functional trial version and test everything for 3 weeks.

I’ll give it a try. But if that doesn’t work, i can probably install an alternative controller that supports lighburn, right?

What controllers can fit approximately?

It looks like you’re dealing with this:

This is taken from lasergods website.

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… it’s unfortunate.
A Ruida controller, with the specifications you need (number of axes and the like), should be able to handle the task. But wait a minute and see if there is anyone more qualified in the forum who has a good comment for you.
A few pictures from this famous machine could be interesting.

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