Lightburn for Windows 64-bit made Microsoft Office and Firefox non-functionable

After installing LightBurn for Windows (64-bit version) I was unable to open any Word, Excel, or Access files, nor was I able to open the programs. Also lost internet access through Firefox. I uninstalled LightBurn and rebooted, no change. Had to reinstall Microsoft Office and everything worked again. Can I not use LightBurn software on my Windows 10 64-bit laptop?

Run a virus scan and run MALWAREBYTES.COM program - it is free (or paid but the free is all you need right now).

Even if it would have changed the file associations you should still be able to open the main programs.

OH and make sure you got the lightburn file from the actual lightburn site!!! I screwed up and did not and had problems!

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Also forgot to add about running ccleaner to clean the registry. Juts be careful as it CAN screw things up. I never had it happen but that 1 in 1million chance could be you :wink:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your help and suggestions. I have Norton 360 and ccleaner which I run regularly, so I didn’t think I needed the malwarebytes program. I made sure to uninstall the previous lightburn program. and deleted the install.exe file. I had downloaded that one from the Lightburn website, but thanks for the caution about loading from a different site. I then downloaded the Windows 64-bit version again from their website, installed it, and everything worked fine. I did notice that there were a few differences in the install procedure this time. The first time there was a question referencing something about C++. I knew that was a computer language, so I assumed it was something that Lightburn needed, and I selected yes to whatever it was asking. I later checked my remote backup files and discovered that my system already had them, so I’m wondering if that’s what caused the problem. The second install didn’t bring up that screen and question at all. The long and short of it is, Lightburn appears to be working, and all my Microsoft Office programs are as well. Thanks for your help and prompt response. I didn’t respond until I had some results to pass on. Thanks again, Ron

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Well that’s awesome man!!! Glad you got it working with just a good install. Now you can get back to having fun burning :slight_smile:

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