Lightburn Foucus test

hello!! I’m still working on getting my Chinese engraver/laser up and running. I did the focus test and this is the result! I’m hoping that you all can help me out yet again!

thanks in advance

What are your power and speed settings? I usually just set min and max the same, 25% and a 100mm/S.
That’s for my 80W laser.

Your focus looks likes it’s ending up at the far end of the scale. When you get the line burn sorted, you might want to shift the scale a bit.

I was told to set my power at 85% and speed at 900 that was to get the laser to a small bar. I got that done and was the result.

So, it really depends on what laser you have.

There is a min and max power setting, try setting them both the same if you haven’t.

I’m guessing you have one of the laser diode setups and 900 is 900 mm/minute not seconds. The max power I’m guessing is 2.5 to 10 watts, so 85% is not out of line.

In the focus test menu, just make sure min power is also set to 85% and see if that helps you.

Joel1 I have a 15000 mw Blue CNC Laser Engraving Machine

for a 15 Watt laser your power setting should still be OK. Have you verified that you set the high and low to the same thing? beyond that not sure why you are not getting a good line but the text is OK.

Post a screen capture of your focus test settings.

yes Joel I finally got it fixed. I was having a fit with it still, then I tried it on Engraver Master did the font it and it worked… Not sure if that software kicked Lightburn in the butt and told it to behave or not… but now I am getting what I want lol I thank you so very much for helping this old gal with her mess!!

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