Lightburn Framing issues after update 1.1.04

I’m not liking this update. I’ve had strange issues like; sometimes hitting the “frame” button the laser will frame at normal speed but some times one of the sides will frame at a super slow speed, then it speeds back up to continue framing. Also, some times the laster will not fire on a layer. It will still move as if it is running that layer, but no laser.

They have resolved a few of these issues and will release the update later this month. I’ve been talking with someone from LB for a couple weeks.

I separated this out from your thread because this hardware is very different. I’m glad to hear about the progress with the Trocen controller.

This is a very different problem and it sounds similar to a known xTool D1 firmware problem - a simple test will verify if you’re so inclined.

Open the Console window and select the Show all switch on the right hand side.

Perform the framing operation with the hope of seeing the strange slowing behaviour.

When it happens, copy and paste the information from the Console window into a reply here. If LightBurn called for the speed change it’s LightBurn and if not it’s the the known firmware problem.

I hesitate to try this only because I have a lot of projects right now that have deadlines. I “downgraded” the software back to 1.1.03 and I have not had any issues. It wasn’t just the framing problem. I had strange things happening at random and messed up a few projects. I couldn’t wait for a fix or debugging unfortunately.

How do I downgrade from the update? Got same problem here

Follow this link for previous versions