Lightburn freezes up randomly

Lightburn freezes up while printing or setting up a project. I am it running on an Acer laptop. Everything else on the computer is working fine. Help?

Do you connect via usb or Ethernet?

Ethernet is much superior to usb. If possible I’d suggest that first.

Does any information get to the controller or is there any messages on the machines console? Sorry, didn’t notice you had a Polar… no console :crying_cat_face:

If you do something work intensive, it will not respond until it’s finished… Did you give it time to compute, so to speak…?

Most operating systems will advise you that it’s not responding, do you get any kind of error message from the os?


USB. I get no error messages. Yes, windows gives me "not “responding”: The software turns white and is unresponsive. But everything else in Windows still works fine.

My system has started freezing/locking as well. Does not happen during a print but rather after a print. It started after I started my system and all my settings were lost and I had to reinstall the laser and reload all my settings (windows update issue?).

It is interesting that I am seeing a few threads like this and on our Polar FB page there are a number of users having similar issues however I have been unable to get any help in figuring out what is going on. I have a Asus running Windows11 - USB to laser. I can set everything up and run the first cut of the project but then then if I turn off one layer and move to a new layer i get the same ‘lightburn not responding’ message and I have to close out of lightburn, turn off laser and start up again. I have re-installed lightburn, turned off autosave and disabled some type of ‘sleep’ function for the USB with no change or improvement. It is so frustrating! Obviously there is something going on as so many users are having this same issue yet I have seen no responses from Lightburn on the issues

Hi Dennis - were you presented with a crash message? It’s very hard to get LightBurn to crash without one, and it’s the best way for us to determine what’s going on. If you did, there should be a crash log located on your Desktop that we can take a look at.

And I just lost an hours worth of work plus the wood because it crashed while I was trying to save and there is nothing you can do but close - nothing saved so alignment was totally off when trying to cut out all my engraved pieces - please someone help figure this out!!

Did you send the folks at LightBurn the crash log to help them figure it out?

Without help from you, the problem will be difficult to fix.

This seems to be a pretty common problem for Polar users. Somebody mentioned it in the FB group again today, and a bunch of people responded with similar issues.

I also have this issue, but it’s usually after a job is completed. I’ll try to send a command to focus or move the nozzle, and then LightBurn will become unresponsive etc.

Hopefully I’ll have the Ruida control panel in this week or next week and will be able to see if there’s a message on screen when it happens.


Are you following someones addition of the Ruida to their Polar?


The Polar comes with a Ruida controller built in. What it does not come with is just the panel. I ordered the panel, and will install it when it comes.

BTW- for anybody else interested, in my case and others, the status ring on the Polar turns red before LightBurn crashes. Pressing the button overrides whatever the issue was and returns the status to green, and LightBurn will work if you didn’t already force it to close or crash.

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