LightBurn freezes up when Docking

I have a 4-5 year old HP laptop. Everything works fine in LightBurn except when I utilize the Docking feature. It doesn’t happen all the time, but is frustrating.

I’ve heard people say I need a gaming laptop. Have others experienced this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reporting this. This type of Freeze-up shouldn’t happen.

Are you on Windows 10 or Windows 11? I wouldn’t have expected a problem with an older laptop. How much memory is available?

Are you willing to share the file? I’d like to attempt to reproduce the behavior.

Mr. Johnson, good evening. Thank you for looking into this. I am running the following:

Windows 10 Home

Version 22H2

Installed 8/23/20

HP Pavillion Notebook PC

64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

I have 580GB of free memory.

Attached is an example of the issue I am facing. It doesn’t happen on every file I try to dock.

I look forward to your assessment.

Dean Miller

[redacted phone number]

Tissue Box -1.lbrn2 (681.3 KB)

We have similar computers. I’ll test this right now.
Which direction did you generally dock first?

I tried docking up and it would lock up. after reloading, i’d try to dock to the left and would have the same issue.

It took 5-10 seconds for me to dock with my hardware, but the Win 10 thinkpad T470s laptop did it with LightBurn 1.4.0 and didn’t freeze or hang for me. It wasn’t immediate, it completed and it’s pretty far from being a gaming computer.

I started with the Move as group switch selected and it moved very quickly. I deselected the Move as group and it took 5-10 seconds. I’m going to let it move the inner shapes and that’ll probably slow it down considerably.

When I looked at the Debug file I noticed that LightBurn removed several linear segments when docking. There was a bug that was previously reported and fixed for 1.4.00 where a single line (hiding anywhere in the work) perpendicular to the (Left/Right or Top/Bottom) edges of the workspace would crash/hang when docked toward those edges. I’ll dig in and see if that’s what’s going on.

Which version of LightBurn are you using? [EDIT- I found the version number in your LightBurn File - It looks like you’re also using 1.4.00]

Have a look in your ‘Documents’ folder and see if there’s a LightBurnLog.txt file. If it’s not there, select Enable Debug Log under Help and attempt to capture the hang/freeze failure.

If you already have a LightBurnLog.txt file in your ‘Documents’ folder it could be substantial and predate our efforts here. Please rename the preexisting log file to OldLightBurnLog.txt so we create a fresh (much shorter) log file to review before recreating the hang/freeze failure. :slight_smile:

I’ll look for orphan lines in the artwork.

Be sure to deselect the Enable Debug Log after you capture the behavior. The Debug Log will continue to log and append data to that file until told otherwise.

Attaching the log file. I notice on simple shapes (ie, square w/ nothing in it) , they dock immediately. I counted the time on the Tissue Box 1 file and it took 9 seconds. During this time, my machine would say LightBurn not responding. If I have to live with it, I will, its i get frustrated when it is working and then hangs up (albeit for awhile).

LightBurnLog.txt (36.4 KB)

Reported. Thank you for capturing this information for us.

Is this a “possible” issue, or do I have a slow machine?

Either alternative is possible. I have escalated this to the Dev team and will likely hear back after they’ve had a look.

This could be a unique or first-observed case of a workflow involving docking finger-jointed components. It could be something odd in the file which I could not find after a fair try.

I didn’t experience a Hang but it did seem to bog for me.
Hopefully we’ll know soon. :slight_smile:

Hi @deansworkshop ,

There’s no issue, it’s just a very involved project file.

The patterns on the sides of the box are not simply images being etched, but very detailed vectors, each with hundreds of little edges that point in the direction you are docking. These edges are filtered first, to ensure only the relevant ones matter (relatively quickly), and then things are docked into place, which is the majority of the work.

On my developer machine it takes a noticeable amount of time as well (in fact, I get a progress bar popping up, to let me know it’s still working on the problem).

Unfortunately, Docking is one of the things where it easy for humans to glance at it, and see how it should go, quickly; but the computer’s “glance” involves looking at every single edge to “see” it, and it doesn’t get the benefit of our awesome brains.

One thing that would speed up this specific file is if the shapes on the side pieces were separate from their borders – then you could turn on the Lock Inner Objects. Because the complex images would be Inner Objects, their edges would be ignored for calculations, and only the edges of the box would be considered, greatly speeding things up.

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Wayne, thank you for your assistance. I’ll live with the issue :). I don’t experience this issue if the file only has basic shapes or trying to dock an image with a shape. I tried locking the shape but it doesn’t help much. The issue appears to be (as you described) with patterns I bring in from my Art Library.

Still, this software is amazing. I consider it the best editing software available for a great price!

Dean M

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