Lightburn freezes with Rotary over 300k steps -

i have a large rotary Axis with a huge gear reduction and 921600,0 steps per revolution.

If i set the steps to over 300k, the scaling test works perfect, but if I try to mark something, lightburn freezes and shuts down.

Could somebody try to repoduce this please? - i attached a testfile for it.

Meditationsstein.lbrn2 (565,8 KB)
if there is no quick fix will open the machine and set the stepper motor micro steps to a lower resolution - i would like to avoid this as this might cause problems with warrenty.

thank you for your help
sg Clemens



Fujitsu Celsius H920 32gb Ram / Nvidia Quaddro 4GB Graphic card

I was able to reproduce this issue and, while I can’t promise a quick fix, our developers will be taking a look. :slight_smile:

Curious, is it the large number of steps/rotation?


Yep. It’s fixed.

thank you so much. I will test it tomorrow.
I know how hard it is to maintain a software and I really appreciate that you even fix such an obscure bug.
you are awesome

It has been fixed, but not gone through our testing phases which we require, before public release. :slight_smile: An update will be provided once available.

i tested it with 999999.9 Steps and it works fine.

Thank you

PS: why i need so many steps…
i have a precision Rotary table (something like this one and i would like to manufacture a 400mm scale ring for an old telescope with 1/30° scaling and an overall precision of 1/200°. to reach this i measured one rotation of the table with a better sensor and want to correct for the error by warping the lasered scale to cancel out the mechanical error. This calculation needs at least 20 steps for each increment of the scale.

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