Lightburn Freezing 1.3.01

Over the last couple weeks Lightburn has started freezing up, I then have to go into task manager and end task and start over. I thought it was a computer issue as I had been having other issues with my Dell XPS. I have since moved everything to a new Dell Precision Workstation 7770 with the latest I9. The same issue is still happening with Lightburn freezing. I am running the Ruida controller on my 130W machine. Is anyone else having this issue? Suggestions for fix?

No solution but I’m having the same problem with a cohesion board. a couple of minutes into an engraving and it stops and I have to restart the software to release the laser.

I have had occasional issues in the past with my K40 running the Cohesion board, but generally it was the laser itself that would freeze up and not Lightburn. I was just thinking perhaps I should fire up the old K40 and see if the problem continues with it as well. I have never really had any issues with Lightburn until the last two updates. So far they have been problematic.

I’m having trouble with my laser running smoothieware on cohesion board if i don’t turn off the reduce smoothieware pause delay the laser will do dash lines instead of solid line when using the rotary, no problems with it until last couple updates.

I’ve gone up and down my K40 trying to figure this out, switched USB cables, switched the power supply, run all the fans and pups on separate circuits, and tonight I switched back to 1.2.04 and everything is cherry again.

and it was definitely LB that was freezing, I could restart the machine and the board and it didn’t make a difference, it was still locked until I restarted LB and then I lost the position.

I’m having the same problem in GBRl and atomstack pro7. this started after i installed 1.3.01. when i try to shut lightburn down I get a message that says it’s still streaming. these are long files between 2 and 3 hours long. Has anyone got a clue on this issue?

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