Lightburn freezing frequently

Has anyone had issues with the latest update of Lightburn freezing? It’s happening almost daily for me. I have a brand new HP i7 16GB ram laptop.

Any advice is truly appreciated

Are you loading files from a network drive or USB stick, by chance? Is the file you’re working on really large or complicated? Do you see “Auto-save in progress” at the bottom of the screen?

So @kimmicks07, are we talking about the same issue here? If so, please do not double post as that makes us work twice as hard to support the same user. That is not fair to LightBurn nor any other user that might have to wait while we answer both your posts with the same answers. Please don’t do that. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Not a huge file no. I’m not sure if auto-save is turned on. Should I be switching that off to see if it makes a difference?

Sorry, like I said on my other post it’s a different topic hence why I thought I had to create a new post.

You’re welcome to delete my post

Things that can affect it:

  • Anti-virus software:

    • every time we save prefs, which is pretty often, they might get scanned
    • Every communication with the laser (which is also often) might get scanned
  • Power save features (spin down) on your hard drive. If the hard drive powers off, the computer has to wait for it to spin back up before saving, and this can freeze the UI for a second or two

  • Saving to a network drive or USB drive is slower than saving normally, and auto-save files get written to wherever you loaded your project file from.

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