Lightburn freezing on import file's

Hiya guys since buying the licence for LB, when i go to import a file, LB freezes up, its been fine until i entered the key for my purchase, then it’s started doing this, video attachedVideo here

There is nothing about entering your key that would change the behavior like this - something else likely changed at the same time and this is a coincidence.

  • I notice you have a USB drive plugged in. What happens if you remove that?

  • anything like network drives or cloud-sync drives connected?

  • if you change it from your “downloads” folder to somewhere else, does it still take this long?

There are file preview plugins that can be installed with some software that are buggy. Try going to Edit > Settings, in the File Tab, and turn on “bypass system dialogs for load/save” and see if that helps. If it does, it’s probably a preview / thumbnail plugin causing trouble.

Hiya Oz its doing same with or without usb i have not chaged anything on laptop other than enter key. Then it started the slow loads, i don’t have any cloud services used at all. ( don’t trust that stuff ) it is the same regardless of file locations, I’ll try your suggestion once back home. :+1:

Worked a treat LightBurn Software Questions

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