Lightburn freezing/unresponsive

Hi. Been using lightburn with my diode laser for a while now and it’s been great and i love it until now…

Worked great as normal yesterday now today i can’t get my laser to start a cut or even move without Lightburn freezing an going unresponsive making me have to force close the program.
Laser still connects, still does everything else on lightburn besides trying to move or start a program causing it to crash.
The console has been displaying weird commands on start-up.

Running Windows 8.1 and lightburn 0.9.09
Only Just installed 0.9.09 a few days ago but no issue between then and now so I don’t think the update caused an issue.

Please help

Those garbage characters in the console generally mean that you’ve got a communications issue. With serial devices it’s either using the wrong baud rate (which I don’t imagine has randomly changed on you!) or that there’s a problem with the cable that’s causing signal degradation/noise.
First thing to try would be a new USB cable. If that doesn’t solve it than likely there’s a fault in your controller board, which could be a variety of things. So let’s start with swapping the cable :slight_smile:

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It could also be EMC related. For instance moved a cooler near the USB cable or the laser power supply lines are closer to the USB cable.

You could also try a powered USB hub in between the laser and your computer to see if that helps.

Try rerouting the cable through the air and try again

All good now after hours and hours fiddling around with it and re setting up device a dozen times i found that it now only works with GRBL-M3 when previously for a long time since getting started it would only work on GRBL.
Thanks for the input

Great! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

The GRBL and GRBL-M3 drivers in LightBurn use the same driver code with a simple switch to flip some settings.

More likely: you changed a setting in the GRBL one, like the baud rate, and the GRBL-M3 one is clean with fresh settings, so that one works. If you delete the GRBL one and make a new one, or look for differences in the settings and fix them, the GRBL one should work too.

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