Lightburn Galvo Driver Installation Problem

I am currently trying to install Lightburn Galvo on my Fiber Laser ( EzCad2).
Lightburn cannot find my laser in Device List, so I guess the driver isn’t installed correctly. I’ve tried uninstalling the previous driver (Laser Mark Control Board V2 [USB] ), but nothing happend. EzCad is working, Lightburn cannot find my laser.
Thanks in advance ! So excited to try out the program for Galvo lasers.


lightburn galvo drivers

Looks like maybe you are using Windows 7?
You may have to use our other driver install option:

Yes, I am using Windows 7. I will try and give feedbacka ASAP.
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Everything works now, thanks ! :slight_smile:

I have windows 10 home with same issue… Zadig fixed it! just a FYI

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