LightBurn GCode License Key ERROR

Dear all,
I purcahse the LightBurn GCode software.
But when activationg the License Key, I have the message licence system error: failed to conect to the server due to network error.
Can you help me on this issue?
Thanks in advance

Well, does the computer have network internet access? Is there a firewall or anything non-standard about your situation?

Hi, yes have internet access, and there is firewall

sorry, there is no firewall

Check to make sure that Windows Defender is not preventing LightBurn from accessing the internet, and if you have anti-virus software, check that too.

What operating system are you using?

I tried off the anti-virus and windows defender, still not working
The system is windows 10 64bit
I have the triall version, dont know why the licence software is not acetpiting the key licence
Is there the optin to activet off line?

I was conparing the sotware ID and the online
The ID does not match, its diferente, is that maybe the issue for the key activation ERROR, or not?
Is it possible to change the ID software?

I don’t understand what you mean by “the software ID”. If you have a network error it isn’t related to your key, but to the network. If the key was incorrect it would say that instead.

You can activate offline - Enter the key and click ‘Request Offline Activation’ and follow the prompts. It will make a file that you send us (along with your key). We activate it and send a response file back that you use to compress the process.

Hi, please check your email with the file and print scren what I mean with ID software.

Dear support team,
With Offline Activation file it was activated.
Thanks for your support
Now I can start working

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