Lightburn generate wrong g code

I have a custom made laser running on GRBL
I noticed when I make something in lightburn it appears on the preview menu as it should but when I run it on the laser it does some weired shapes
when I save the code generated from lightburn and import it in another controller like lasergrbl
I get the same weired shapes as the machine does
so that confirms that lightburn generate wrong code
any help is appreicated

this is what the machine actually does
and that is what it should do

Does your custom built laser run ok with LaserGRBL?

What does the output look like for something simple like a plain square?

the machine does exactly what lasergrbl told it to do
I don’t know if there is any wrong settings in lightburn

How did you set up the machine in LB? Which type did you choose? Plain “grbl”?

Please send all of your LightBurn settings ( Help > Generate Support Data) to, and include a link to this forum topic.