Lightburn gets very slow ang laggy, restart restores the performance

My project is to burn a map in 4 pieces. Now I haven’t done this before so it is a learning process still in progress.

I started with an Image, found I could not cut it in LB so I traced it (in LB, it did a great job) and cut it.
Wow, that was a mess, to hard to sort out. I ended up duping the image 3 more times, masking and then flattening and got what I wanted.
LB was really laggy and slow afterwards while trying to position my shapes.
So I saved and restarted. Everything is good and back to normal now.
I don’t have a problem, just a note that it happened.

latest Lightburn
32g ryzen 5 2700x

Depending on how long it was between restarts or saves, and how much stuff you loaded / deleted / edited, etc, it’s possible that the app was just using a lot of memory. We allow for infinite undo, though I’ve been thinking it might be good to restrict that to a “reasonable” number of steps to prevent runaway memory use. The undo system is cleared every time you click File > New or File > Open, so it does get cleared, but there are other reasons it might be useful to clean up occasionally.

Good evening Oz. I didn’t think anything was wrong, I just thought I would give a heads up.
I was kinda thrashing around trying to figure out how to do what I wanted, without going to gimp. My photo editing leaves a lot to be desired, I usually play in the vector area, photoshop 3 and 4 were a long time ago.
I do try to save often. I get a crash every now and then clicking on a recently ungrouped item, hurts when I forgot to save recently.

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