Lightburn go crazy

Good morning
I have a lightburn burn problem, I draw a square on lightburn, it makes me weird drawings, in the engraving nothing to do with what I drew in.
Help me please

I use MKS

This seems to happen with compromised copies of LightBurn downloaded from “freeware” sites, rather than from the official LightBurn site:

If that’s the case, then installing a genuine copy should produce better results.

However, right now would be a good time to run a comprehensive malware scan on your PC, because you never know what else may have installed itself under false pretenses.

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Please post pictures of the unanticipated behavior you are seeing.

You can see the deffirence between what i draw and and it engrave


I’m all but certain that your machine profile is not defined correctly.

Please share your Cuts / Layers window.

I believe that you have symptoms of both Lost Motion and Scanning Offset due to the speed (or the units of speed) being set inappropriately for your laser engraver.

Please tell us more about your Laser engraver.

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