Lightburn has lost license

I fired up my engraving PC and Lightburn is acting as if it was never licensed or activated and my trial period is over. Tried rebooting but no improvement.

I don’t believe anything has been added or changed on the PC. This PC is used only for Lightburn.

Did you try entering the license key again? If you continue to have issues, send the key along with a link to this post to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can help sort you there.

Hadn’t tried that till you suggested it. This was originally an offline activation and I reused the same dat file, and was told it wasn’t valid. But I do have interwebs access at the moment on the machine, so I did a normal activation and it worked OK. Strange.

Sometimes, if Windows updates enough stuff on your computer, it can fool the fingerprint system used by the license manager into thinking it’s a new PC. Let us know if you notice any other weirdness.

Not as strange as you might think. The dat file generated for the offline activation includes a unique fingerprint for that system and that system only. Windows updates can change things just enough to produce a mismatch,that is why this did not work for you.

You lost me. It is the same system. Obviously the activation would have to be system specific.

I just edited my post. If you still want to use an offline activation, go through the process you did originally. Generate a new offline dat file, sent to us and we will provide an updated file for you to use.

Whatever caused the system to lose the activation in the first place is likely why the same activation didn’t work when applied again.

Ah OK. Just saw Oz’s post to the same effect. Still odd, though. It’s primarily an offline machine (thus the offline activation). It never gets Windows updates, at least not if I have anything to say about it (Windows 7 Pro x64)

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