Lightburn home position is incorrect


I have an xtool d1 pro and I’m using lightburn v1.4.0.

When I hit the Home button the laser positions itself a little more than halfway up the X axis and about 2 inches from the left hand side.(Y axis)

When I hit the Set Laser Position and click on the center of my drawing, it moves in unexpected ways, sometimes hitting the bottom or side rail of the xtool.

Please advise.

Work through each jogging direction in Move window. Does the laser head follow the jogging direction? Meaning left moves the laser head left, right goes right, up goes up, and down goes down?

If not, document each direction and the resulting action.

Also, confirm if you followed xTool instructions when setting up the laser:
Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

Yes the laser acts appropriately when using the Move functions.

I drew a single word horizontally in Lightburn, “Hello”. I positioned the laser in the center and used Current Position.with the focus in the center of the 9 spot grid.
The laser did a very light burn but in a diagonal direction.

Please advise.

Did you setup your laser following the instructions listed above?

Can you provide the following:

  1. full screenshot of LightBurn with the design loaded
  2. photo of the resulting burn from the perspective that it was burned in the laser

As far as I know I set the xTool up as described in the instructions.

It appears to me you have multiple issues going on. However, it’s hard to tell exactly what due to the compounding effect.

Start by dramatically reducing the speed setting… about 10x slower. You’ll need to also reduce the power appropriately. Then run a test.

This will reveal what other issues remain but looks like you may have some mechanical issues going on as well.

If so, do a full mechanical review and make sure that belts are properly tensioned and pinion gears are properly secured.

Circle back with results please.

I imported the configuration file xTool-D1ProV3.lbdev and the laser behavior is slightly different. When homing, the laser tries to move beyond the frame at the top left.

It still does not burn properly.

I tried Creative Space and it works pretty good. See attached.

I have not received a reply to my latest post.
Please advise.

This may be a coincidence. The lbdev file should not have any effect on homing. If your homing is not functioning properly this is entirely a mechanical or electrical issue. Carefully inspect the area near the homing sensors. Is there a reason why they’re not being actuated near the home location? Make sure that no cables or other components are preventing the sensor from actuating.

What have you done following the previous post? Did you attempt any changes recommended?

Please upload the .lbrn file that you are using for your testing.

I do not have a .lbrn file. Can you please provide?

How are you testing in LightBurn? Whatever design you are using to test, go to File->Save As. Then pick a filename. Once saved, upload that file here.

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This LBRN is the file extension applied to LightBurn files. Save the file you show. That is what @berainlb is after.

Is it possible that the side rails are on backwards?

I checked and the laser does not encounter the flanges on the side that would trigger the limit switches seem ineffective in their current position.

See attached photo.

Hello.lbrn2 (15.0 KB)

That doesn’t look unusual by itself. Your machine should home to the back-left. There should be a similar tab at the rear of the machine.

Depending on the laser module that you have you may need to relocate the tab so that it’s able to engage properly.

For the .lbrn file, you’re currently configured for 6000 mm/min. While this should work I suggest reducing the speed in the Cut setttings to see what other issues emerge.

Try reducing to 500 mm/min. Decrease the power as well to accommodate.

Back-left? Does that mean Top-Left or Bottom Left.

It looks like the flange at the Top-left is too far forward to engage the limit switch and there is no way to relocate it other than drilling and tapping new holes.

The issue seems to be that
#1 it doesn’t know where Home is.
#2 it doesn’t know where the workpiece is. Even though the workpiece is in the center, it frames near the top-left, even banging against the left hand rail, nowhere near the workpiece.


Is it possible the front and back tabs are mislocated? Is there any ability to move the sensor?

Until homing is accomplished the controller on the laser cannot report accurate position to LightBurn.

You could attempt to manually home by powering on with the laser at back-left. However, this won’t work if your machine automatically homes at power-on.

“Move the sensor”?

The sensor is on the laser, isn’t it?

The bottom flange looks like should be at the top and the top flange should be on the top to be able to engage.

This is the Xtool D1 Pro. Have other users encountered this issue?

The yellow highlighted areas look like the sensors to me. The metal tabs when they cross in between the tongs of the sensor is what causes the actuation.

There are many issues with homing on these lasers according to the forum. Many times this is due to slight misalignments, sometimes this is due to not replacing the sensors that come with the frame extension, sometimes it’s due to the cabling physically obstructing the laser from fully reaching the back of the machine.