Lightburn Hotkeys doesn't work

Hi all,
The hotkeys (e.g. ALT + UP) do not work after opening Lightburn (1.5.03) and are not saved. Resetting also only works temporarily.

This is since the update to 1.5…

Some hotkeys are empty, e.g. ALT UP, and when I try to assign them, I see that these hotkeys are already assigned to the same command.

I am not seeing the same behavior. The Alt+Up is already used for Align Top. If you select more than one shape, then execute this hotkey, the shapes should move to be aligned to the top of each shape. Is that not happening for you?

Show us what is or is not happening on your end using screenshots or video (host video on YouTube or other service, make public and share the link here).

No, unfortunately the standard function for ALT+UP does not work and I have to reset the hotkeys every time I open Ligthburn. These are apparently not saved either. I have already deleted the hotkey file.

I’ve asked @JohnJohn to test on his systems as well. It looks like it has something to do with the German translated version, at a minimum. We will generate a report for the translation team to review. Works as expected in English. Thank you for drawing our attention to this issue. :slight_smile:


Changes have been made to resolve this issue and are planned for the 1.6.00 release. Thank you again for reporting. :slight_smile:

You will have early access once we post in the Public Beta folder. We will announce available here:

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Thank you very much!

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