LightBurn: how to have different "units/grid" for different laser devices

Thanks for the awesome software!

The LightBurn preferences window offers “per sec” and “per min” choices under “units/grid” — one better for CO2 and the other better diode lasers.

I have both CO2 and diode lasers.

Should not this choice be device specific instead of global?

Is there not any way to have different “units/grid” set for different laser devices? If so, how to do it?

Thanks again!

I have a diode which is set to mm/min and a fibre galvo set to mm/sec. So it would appear that, that setting is device specific at least for me. I don’t have a CO2 though.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Can you share how you accomplished that? Whenever I edit the global LightBurn settings for Units/Grid, it affects all devices / machines. I have been all through both the Device Settings and the Machine Settings. I cannot find where or how to set a diode laser to mm/min, while setting a CO2 laser to mm/sec.

I didn’t have to do anything more than changing the units in the Settings menu. I can change both of my devices to different units and it ‘sticks’.
Perhaps someone else can confirm this can be done with a diode and a CO2.

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I just tried again, and that definitely does not work for me. Presuming by “Settings” you are meaning “General LightBurn Settings.”

Yes that is all I have to do. Perhaps it only ‘sticks’ for a Galvo. I am sure someone else will come in and confirm

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I’m on Mac. Are you on Windows? Maybe it’s a variation between operating system versions?

I would hope that wouldn’t be the case, but I am running Windows 11

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