Lightburn Ibdev file greyed out


New to this so maybe doing something stupid. Apologies if I am.
I cannot import a Ibdev file in Lightburn to set up my Creality Falcon 10w I just bought secondhand. Any help would be awesome.

Mac OS 14

Thanks so much in advance

ou have to click Import and then browse to your file.

That’s exactly what I did mate. The photo shows finder pop up after clicking import. The file .Ibdev is greyed out and I cannot select it as the photo shows

Maybe just restart everything and try again? Could be a bug.

Anyhow, as a workaround, you can open the lbdev-file with a text editor and see all the settings in clear text. So you can add your laser manually and set the options as in the lbdev-file. A little inconvenient, but should work as well.

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