Lightburn icons not showing up

I bought and have been using the light burn software for several months but I can not see the icons they are all blacked out i can only see some of the icons if i click on an icon can what can I do to be able to see and use all icons thank you

Can you please post a screen capture showing what this looks like?

that is a screenshot of my light burn software how it looks when i use it

What version and version number of Windows are you running?

light burn v 0.9.21 windows 7

LightBurn does not support Dark mode entirely at this time.

im not using dark mode is there a way that I can see the icons ?

What theme do you have set? I have not played with Windows 7 for some time now, sorry (almost a decade). You can change it to see if a different theme allows these icons to be displayed correctly.

i just checked and your right somehow it was in dark mode i took it out of dark mode and icons are there thank you for your help and time

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