Lightburn + Inkscape SVG Files not opening properly

Tried doing searches but can’t find the answer.

Sorry for the noob question.

I have some EPS files that I downloaded online. I import them to Inkscape and exported as Plain SVG files. I then open them in Lightburn. Why doesn’t it show as a vector file with lines and instead is another picture file. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

Are you certain the original EPS contains vector graphics? Is it possible that it contains an embedded image?

Are you able to upload the EPS file here for review? You will likely need to append .txt to the end of the file for the forum to accept the file.

Perhaps it’s a lack of understanding on my part. I assumed that all EPS were vector graphics. I’m downloading them from https://www.vecteezy[.]com/ and looking for EPS files.

EPS can and often do contain vector graphics. However, it’s also capable of embedding raster images.

Can you link a specific file where you had this issue and I can confirm.

Thanks for the help.


I didn’t have any problem opening in Inkscape, saving as SVG, and then opening in LightBurn as a vector graphic.

Can you attach screenshots from Inkscape and LightBurn?

Here was another one I tried earlier. It imports as a image and not vectorized.

To confirm, have you made the necessary modifications in Inkscape to import EPS files? This would typically require you to install Ghostscript and make some environment variable changes.

More information here:
FAQ | Inkscape

If not, you likely wouldn’t be able to properly import the EPS file into Inkscape. One tip if you do this, after making all the requisite changes, I suggest you reboot your system. When I did this before nothing I did seemed to work until rebooting.

Alternatively, you could use an online converter that converts EPS to SVG.

I don’t think I installed Ghostscript.

What websites do you recommend to change for EPS to SVG?


I don’t have a recommendation but I’ve tried both of these without incident. I can’t speak to the trustworthiness or privacy of these sites so proceed with an abundance of caution.

EPS to SVG (Online & Free) — Convertio
EPS to SVG | CloudConvert

I actually installed Ghostscript specifically to avoid having to use thse online converters.

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