Lightburn Install on computer without laser hooked up

Can Lightburn be installed on a computer when no laser is connected? I just ordered my laser and its not coming soon. I would love to play with he software and get a feel for it.

Second question:

What is the best extension to save a file in that I create to open for future use. I have CorelDraw, RD Works, and LightBurn. Just want to make sure I am not locking myself into an extension that one or the other program cannot use.

Yes, you can install it without a computer attached. I am pretty sure your free trial period starts when you start using it though.

.dxf, .svg and .ai files work well going between Corel and LB. If the same file has to go in and out between Corel, LB and RDWorks, due to RDWorks limitations, .ai is probably your choice.

LightBurn can be installed without being connected to you laser. You will need to define what laser you have during the setup process to ensure you have the appropriate functions which support your laser system. Different systems have different features so setup LightBurn to support yours and you should be all good.

As for your second question, Doug is correct, the AI file format will allow you to move the files between these different software packages.

I have it on my garage computer where my laser is, and my work computer at my office. I design a lot of stuff at work then set it up at work in LB save it in dropbox then it’s ready to run when I get home.

Thanks for the replies. I have purchased the software and love it. Got 63 files loaded and ready to go when my laser gets here.