LightBurn install on Ubuntu - mini HowTo

I just updated and ran into a snag which I solved but thought I’d publish for others to seek and use as needed. Lines beginning with “echo” are comments and if the LightBurn file name is correct and it’s the first time installing then these could be copied and pasted into a console window.

echo “Change directory to your user home directory”

echo "install 7z using the p7zip-full package
sudo apt update && sudo apt install p7zip-full

echo “unpack LightBurn-x.xx.7z which has likely been downloaded into the Download directory”
echo “in my case it was version 9.04”
echo “It will create a directory named LightBurn so if it’s already there, move or delete it.”
7z x ~/Downloads/LightBurn-Linux64-v0.9.04.7z

echo “Make sure your userID has permission to dialout and tty devices”
sudo adduser $USER dialout && sudo adduser $USER tty

echo “Log out and log back in to make sure the new settings have taken place”
echo “or if already setup, start LightBurn”
cd LightBurn && ./AppRun

NOTE: if you already have a version of LightBurn installed you can move the directory like this:

echo “move existing LightBurn directory and backup the prefs.ini for for that”
mv ~/LightBurn ~/LightBurn-backup
cp ~/.config/LightBurn/prefs.ini ~/LightBurn-backup/prefsLatest.ini

Now, instead of running AppRun run LightBurn and it will pick up the previous prefs.ini but sometimes It’s better to start with no prefs.ini file and let LightBurn create defaults. You’ll need to setup your machine configuration in that case and running AppRun will walk you through that process.


Thank you for this! It works. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a Linux Mint user for about (let’s see, what time is it?) uhh… 3 days now and have Lightburn installed and able to connect to the laser.

I’ve been a Windows user since about 1989 (Win3.0) and don’t have any real Linux experience.
But my trusty old win7 box took a fatal crash last week and faced with the choice between win10 or something else I decided to go with Mint. Well see how that goes… new experience for me.

Anyway, Lightburn is installed and working, but using File > Open I’m unable to “see” and open files on either of my other 2 hard drives, only the drive that Lightburn (and Linux) is installed to. It’s like I need to be able to back one more directory level to get where I want to go. I can see and open files on those 2 drives with Inkscape and Gimp, but not with Lightburn.

I can however use the file manager to drag and drop files from those 2 drives in to Lightburn and get my files open that way.

Any suggestions on what I need to do to get Lightburn to see my other drives?


Does the user you’re running LB with, have read access to those drives?

Those other 2 hard drives are probably “mounted” someplace other than within your users home directory. Maybe under /media/‘your-user-id’/'drive_partition_name
If that’s the case then you’d need to traverse back to /media/… to get to those files.

You could create a symbolic link into your user directory though… so pretend your userID is fred and your two hard disk drive/partitions are named dino and pussycat. You would do this on a command prompt:
mkdir myOtherDisks
ln -s /media/fred/dino myOtherDisks
ln -s /media/fred/pussycat myOtherDisks

and now you would be able to get to your 2 disks in the “myOtherDisks” directory.

Hmmm. Well, @Blake, I guess the answer is probably no. Permissions are set to root and it won’t let me change them.

@Doug, I will give that a try this evening. FWIW, those drives seem to be outside of everything…
Warehouse & Big Box are the 2 drives in question. Box2 is a partition on Big Box. Paper Bag is a USB stick.


Sigh. I’m afraid that Linux is going to be a bit of a challenge for this old windoze user… but I’ll get there.

Thanks guys!

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