Lightburn interface

Hi Lightburn guys,

I have three requests. In the picture you see the german interface. It works good, the translation is not the best but it works. I marked three sections and would like to have a change of that.

  1. (red) Could you please rename this to x-Koordinaten und y-Koordinaten, because “Beschriftung” is just wrong an confusing.
  2. (blue) Could you please rename it to x-Länge or x-Maß and y-Länge or y-Maß, because it confuses as much as the first point.
  3. (green) This should be renamed to Zoom Faktor, because when I use it, the picture gets bigger oder smaller. And there is another issue, the numbers just don´t change when using it. They stay at 100 (%) even when I type in 120 the picture gets bigger but numbers are still at 100 (%).

If you are not able to change this so fast, would you please give me the information how I can change it myself? I don´t care about the english version, i just wanna change it for german.

Thanks for your attention and in advanced :slight_smile:

Most of these have changed since your original post. I have updated the translations for the ones that are still relevant for the next release.


This is intended - There are many cases where it is not possible to display a single number - for example, if you selected two objects, one you had scaled to 50%, and one you left at 100%, which would be the correct value to display?