LightBurn IO Port problem

Hi, a total laser noob here seeking for higher guidance with port settings.

We have a CKLASER Mini laser auto focus(LMCV4-FIBER board) and we need to switch it from a laptop to a desktop pc. Laptop had ezcad2 and desktop has ezcad2 and LightBurn. Laser WORKS with ezcad2 on both computers.

The problem is with LightBurn and desktop pc.
After hours and hours of tinkering with drivers(Zadig method worked) and usb cables, I managed to pair the laser with LightBurn so that it says “Ready”. I imported “markcfg7” parameter stuff from ezcad2.
When framing it even makes sounds of life so it’s safe to assume I have a proper usb connection?
However framing laser doesn’t work and when I press start, similarly nothing happens but just sound of galvo.

Not really sure what information helps so here’s what I know of the machine:
CKLASER 3D Mini Fiber Laser With Autofocus

I’m pretty sure it’s a IO port setting problem of some kind but I just figure out what IO ports to use for what. Ezcad2 had many more IO port settings, LB has only 3?

So if someone has ideas how to approach this I’d be thankful.

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