Lightburn is cutting ellipses, not circles!?

I have read through previous posts, but I still cannot figure out what the heck is going on. I was engraving glasses using my Falcon 2 and the rotary roller attachment. After doing glasses, I unhooked the roller, disabled “enable rotary” and I’m still getting ellipses instead of circles. Very noticeable ellipses. Have I missed something? I have even re-installed the software (Lightburn), I have re-started the machine, no good. Help? What am I missing? When I installed the roller, I had to put $101=60.375 in the console. Creality says if not using the roller, Creality says to insert $80=60.375, all of which I did. No luck.

This doesn’t seem right – most likely you were meant to enter $101=80 when you returned to flat engraving.

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Outstanding! Thanks for that, it did the trick!