Lightburn is engraving the design much smaller on my tumbler than the measurements in the software

using omtech 80w with omtech rotary (4 wheel). completed set up as described on omtech webiste, but when i try to burn a project, the design is engraving significantly smaller than what it is on the software, it does the same when only framing the design, the frame path is significantly smaller. Rotary shows as enabled on lightburn…i have the recommended steps per rotation and roller diameter, no idea what else the issue is.
Ex: the image is Width: 3" x Height 6.5" (rotated 90 degrees), when i frame it on the material or try to burn, it’s doing something like W: 2" x H 3", the image comes out the opposite of stretched, squished?

How did you choose the settings for steps/rotation? Have you double-checked this part of the docs: Rotary Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation?

This is a decent overview on calibrating the steps -

hey! thank you for reaching out to help!
After trial and error, I discovered that it was about the steps per rotation. Initially, I watched the videos from omtech and videos from folks with the exact same equipment as me (lightburn, omtech 80w, omtech rotary), so i was using their recommended steps per rotation (anywhere between 3000 to 3400). I also tried the steps from the document you recommended (rotary setup - light burns software documentation) but the problem remained, and I followed the recommendation from the video link you posted, but the issue remained. Ultimately, i started putting random numbers in the “steps per rotation” box until i started narrowing down a number which allowed for the size of the engraved design and the framing to match the size of the design on lightburn, i am actually still working on narrowing down that number because the design is off by 1" but that is definitely the answer, the steps per rotation. Now, the questions is, why is the number so different to what other people with the exact same equipment recommend? right now my design is matching the width to the design in light burn, but I am still off by 1’’ in length, today i will continue to narrow the numbers down, i am currently at 8900 and that is the closest i’ve gotten to the output matchin the design on lightburn, i have anticipating the final number to be 6500-7000

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