LightBurn is looking for old CSV after moving to new machine

I loaded LightBurn onto a new computer (Windows 10) and now every time I open any file I get a Project FIle Warning saying it cannot find an old CSV file I used months ago when I was making tags with the variable text tool.

How do I let LightBurn know it no longer needs that CSV file?

Any file? It should just be ones that had that CSV set up for Variable text. Regardless, you should be able to click ‘Clear’ in the variable text window and save the project file again, and that will wipe it.

It appears to be every file that I created after I used the variable text feature.

Now it looks like I need to clear the CSV file in each of those files one at time.

I’ll double check and make sure I’m clearing the variable text settings when you create a new file. It’s possible that I’m not, or it’s possible that there was a period where I wasn’t during which you created those files, but I’ll make sure.

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