Lightburn is putting radius on my imported svg and on my Lightburn drawn squares

I created an svg in Vcarve Pro that is a square 6.75"x6.75" with square corners and all of the sudden today when I import it it is now putting radius corners on it.

i have pictures showing the file in Vcarve Pro and showing no shape properties in Lightburn and the Lightburn preview showing the radius corners that Lightburn is addind.

I have also just drawn the rectangle in Lightburn and it adds the radius in the preview also with shape properties saying “Corner radius 0.000”. Was reading it might be offset causing it but why would that also cause it to actually cut the corners rounded.

How can I stop this please?

You’re saying that you get a rounded corner whether importing from a Vcarve SVG file or when creating the rectangle directly in LightBurn? If so, that’s very unusual.

Can you upload the .lbrn file with the native rectangle as well as the SVG file from Vcarve?

Also, can you list steps to recreate the native scenario? I will try to recreate.

Happened to me twice so I am not crazy however I waiting to see if it happens again now. I checked everything after, did update to 1.4, now just waiting to see if it happens again. I know I reused a design that was using live (basically deleted everything but first square and copied it where I wanted it and the first one was messed up on 2 different times, the other 3 on the wood were fine.

I will keep you updated, here is the actual svg i imported into Lightburn

6.75x6.75 backer

I’ve tested the SVG and it seems to import without issue in 1.4.00.

If this is happening when editing an existing design then perhaps there’s something going on within the original file itself.

You most likely have a positive setting for kerf offset


I concur,

Kerf is most often modelled as dragging the center of a circle (or circular laser dot) around the outside of your object.

When you measure the ‘modeled’ path it will be larger than the output by the size of one whole dot-width. The kerf setting adds half a dot-width to each side of the cut-out.

It may have been dormant when filling and unintentionally activated when switching from a Fill layer or Sub-layer to a Line layer or Sub-layer

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So I think that my issue might have I used 0.8 offset outward instead of 0.08 as I should have, not sure thought but only thing I can think of. It has not happened again since had that happen on the first of four cuts two different times.

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