Lightburn is suddenly taking more than ten minutes to load and boot on my iMac

Lightburn is suddenly taking more than ten-minutes to load and boot on my iMac. Prior to a re-location of my computer it was working fine and booted almost instantly. What happened? How to fix? Re-install?

When did you notice? Probably unrelated because 10 mins has never happened to me. My Lighburn used to load instantly and for a few months now a wheel spins for a bit but never over a minute.

Just noticed last night after turning on my computer for the first time after moving it. Can’t see how a move would cause this though…

Sorry I might be asking the obvious here. Have you restarted the device more than once? Full shutdown?

What version of LightBurn are you running?

And can you explain the move? Did the move also change your network topology in a way that recently opened files no longer can be accessed at the same location?

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yes… More than three times, but I will do it again.

Using LightBurn 1.3.01. The move was just a physical re-location from Wisconsin to Florida. About a 10 hour trip. Re-connected to the same monitors using the same wires.

Not sure in that case. Is this behavior limited to LightBurn or are other applications affected?

Try one thing though, take a look through your recent files and check to see if there are any orphaned network files. That should not be an issue with the version of LightBurn you’re running but maybe something related going on.

Just restarted the computer again and lightburn is taking a really long time to start. Lightburn is the only application that I’ve found with this problem. I’m just wondering if a re-install would fix the problem. Sorta feels like a missing dll file.

Are you on Windows or Mac?

But in any case I don’t think it’s a missing library as it likely just wouldn’t start at all.

Almost certainly not but you never know.

Before trying that try one thing:

  1. Take a backup of your Prefs folder (File->Open Prefs Folder) or export your Prefs
  2. Remove your Prefs folder
  3. Restart LightBurn

LightBurn will rebuild the Prefs folder and you will need to reconfigure devices and LightBurn but this would basically start you from ground zero in LightBurn.

oops, now after that last computer re-start, lightburn is not responding at all…

Its a Mac. And when it did start it had an error message about the library not loading.

What version of LightBurn? It’s possible that the missing library message is showing up behind the splash screen - we had this bug in a few older versions, but that’s been fixed for a while.

Using LightBurn 1.3.01

So its been about 30 minutes and Lightburn just started, with this message…

the library failed to load (/Volumes/DIGITAL ART/LightBurn Files/MATERIALS/Xtool-D1-20w.clb)

Just click “don’t show again” if you don’t want it to appear again.

Well, pretty sure I need that library?

While this file is important to have the Material Library entries available for use, it should not affect the running of LightBurn. This message is informational.

Is that file still available from this location? As an option, you can load the file again to have LightBurn update the default file location and try again.

this is all way above my head… I just want to get lightburn to work.

Keep trekking along, don’t give up. I’ve been where you are many times. This community will get you through it, especially with the developers on your side. Just keep asking questions and if it goes dead, ask again, you’ll get there