Lightburn K40 Y is reversed on new install

I bought a new laptop to run my laser. I installed Lightburn and just switched over. When I opened a saved profile for lightburn the Y was flipped. I just mirrored it to set it correct, thinking it was a weird glitch for the load. Well, then I went to move the laser head and Y is somehow backwards between this laptop and the other. I looked around in settings and couldn’t find a setting to “swap Y axis” or anything like it.



Switch your job origin to an opposite side. I don’t know which way offhand, but that should get you where you need to be.

No. That will just change the starting location, not where the Y axis is going + or -

I use the job origin all the time for different projects on the machine, like center right for when I use my rotary.

My bad. THIS origin: image

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Blake’s second suggestion is correct - It sounds like you just didn’t set the origin point correctly on the new laptop.

Well that was it. It’s technically “wrong” now, but it works as intended, so whatever. LOL

If your limit switches are rear-left, but your 0,0 (origin) is front left, it’s not wrong at all - it’s the way that board is configured.

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