Lightburn keeps crashing whenever I press start or preview

I load up my images and whenever I press start the software crashes. Same thing occurs when I hit preview. It was working fine. Finished an engraving went to start another and crash. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the program multiple times as well.

3018 Pro
GRBL 1.1f

Well, that is not good. Thank you for reporting this. LightBurn should not crash. Did/Do you get a crash report? We want to see it, so please send to support at lightburnsoftware dot com, point to this post and please include the details and any steps we could take to reproduce here on our end.

No crash report it just closes. I dont even know how someone would recreate the issue. I load in an image adjust brightness, contrast, gamma all that stuff click preview and it closes. Open it up again load the image repeat the steps, dont click preview instead I hit start and the program closes.

Are you using the same image that was working previously as well as when it crashes?

If not, what happens if you go back to the original image?

As a guess, are you using the 32 bit version of the program, and do you have the DPI of the image you’re trying to engrave set really high? This sounds like an out of memory condition.

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Yeah DPI increased for some reason I lowered it back down to 500 it’s working now thanks you

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