Lightburn keeps telling me the 'cut is out of bounds'

I am trying to burn a grid on a board. and I have downloaded a grid and it is within the 430x400 boarder. But it keeps telling me that the cut is out if bounds. Its clearly not and them it tells me to reset and alarm 2 comes up…
the stupid thing is that it started burning 5 days before after hours of trying and now it just won’t work at all :-1:

any ideas?

You can disable the warning, but more importantly you can also press yes as in Proceed.

The warning however seems warranted, considered you are using “User origin” and probably - correct me if i am wrong - is not set?

As its a grid, you probably want it in absolute coordenates from 0,0?

I tried to proceed but nothing happens. and I have to reset Lightburn start again, only to get the same problem
I only changed the ‘USER ORIGIN’ just to see if it made a difference, which it didn’t.

But I will try absolute coordinates and see if it works.

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Need to take in account what the out of bounds error is. Is more of a warning than an error
(it can be disabled on “settings” menu -> file settings

However if you consider all the options lightburn offers, and considering that in your specific design you are engraving on 99% of the machine bed, a setting for example like “overscanning” which by default adds 2.5% of motion, might easily trigger the machine to hit the rails.

So see it as a warning, not as much as a Error.

Read here to understand how the different modes work:

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