Lightburn laser disconnected after sleep / inactivity

I’ve been having this issue that if the laptop (Windows 10 - 21H2) I’m using for Lightburn (latest version) goes to sleep or is inactive for a small amount of time the laser says its disconnected and I’m unable to reconnect to the laser unless i restart the computer. The laser is connected to the network via a network cable and the switch still shows network activity.

I’ve checked windows settings such as do not allow the wireless card to go to sleep, adjusted the windows power settings etc but nothing seems to have helped. The laser itself is still contactable via a simple ping.

Is there a service i can restart rather than restarting the computer to force the reconnect? I’ve tried to delete the connection to the laser and re add it but that doesn’t help. Everything else on the laptop is working fine (browse the local network and internet).

Have you tried right-clicking the Device button in Laser window?

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I am having the same issue for the last three days. Every time the laptop sleeps it disconnects the laser and I have to scan to reconnect and redo all settings. PLUS it saved my latest file that I worked on for hours as an empty file. Is there anyway to recover it? It shows content except there is none. This has happened a couple time before without disconnecting the laser

The reconnect is not surprising but the redoing all settings is. This is actually a completely unrelated problem to original post.

Are you using some sort of cloud storage drive syncing software (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox) or using a NAS for file storage?

That can cause these types of issues.

I started a new topic as it is completely disconnecting from the laser. It says there is no laser like I just purchased LB and when I say discover it finds it then I connect and it is like a new laser set up. No I am not using cloud or anything. Thanks

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