Lightburn, LaserGRBL, and Foxalien 4040-EX Power and Speed

Hello All,
I was handed a FoxAlien 4040-EX by my company a couple of months ago. Have assembled it, learned the controller, and now learning LightBurn, LaserGRBL, Candel, Easel.
I have the machine set up with the laser module (removed spindle), learned about layers in Lightburn for cutting vs engraving, etc. and have been able to create my templates, send Gcode to Laser GRBL, etc. The laser module is 20watt. What I’m creating first will be rack labels, 1/16" Rowmark LazerMax acrylic for that (as seen in the attachment) I believe the engrave is .003. My question is about speed and power for each layer (engrave, then cut). These are very simple labels but all my reading and videos seem to have different settings, or they use a different laser machine. Any suggestion and direction will be greatly appreciated. I’ve always been a CAD man but never a machinist.
Many Thanks!

Congrats on your new toy, I mean job, and welcome to the Lightburn Community. Support is from Lightburn and users all over the world.

In Lightburn is the Laser Tool Material Test. You will find it is your best source for determining speed and power settings.

I assume the acrylic is black on the white base layer. I, nor anyone else, can tell you the correct settings for your material. This is where the Material Test is gold. You create a 10x10 (or whatever you want) matrix of 5mm (again whatever you want, but stay in bounds of your machine) squares. You can then modify the text parameters as desired. Just so you know, Filled takes a lot longer than Line.

Then plan on sacrificing 2-3 pieces for the test. More info here…

Have fun!!!

Thanks All for the replies! Did a lot of forum searching and googling, found a ton of great info as well as a material test sheet from FoxAlien and narrowed things down a bit more. Can’t wait to start experimenting - lucky I have a ton of material from the old laser engraver.
I appreciate the help!

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