Lightburn Layer Palette for Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Palette that matches the Lightburn layers. (59.3 KB)

Not sure if this will work (uploads are limited to txt, so drop that from the file when you grab it). I set it up for myself and thought others may be able to use it as well.

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Thank you for that. To help, we also offer this information:

yep, that was a the lead for me to make this. having the clickable palette in AI is a speed thing for me. good cross reference though. that part, if it can be updated, would benefit from adding the T1 and T2 later colors into the list.

LightBurn won’t auto-map things to T1/T2 any more - we had a few users confused by that.

T1/T2 seem to work in 0.9.20 locally (will be handy for what I’m after at the moment). But I understand folks not connecting the nuanced behavior.

correction T1 works, T2 seems to not, not sure why. No worries, it’s going away.

0.9.21 removes them from the mapping behavior. I could potentially add a setting for that, but we’re already pretty “settings dense” and people get lost in there.

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