LightBurn Layout wont resize

Not sure if this is the right category, but for the past few updates I am having trouble getting LightBurn Layout to adjust the height of internal TAB windows correctly. I can get them to sit side by side until I need to change tabs or adjust layer settings then they become squashed and I can no longer see settings correctly. (Hard to Explain easy to see) No Biggy but annoying.

I have resized layout fonts down to 9 with no luck Laptop screen 15" res 1366 x 768 I have no problems around Version 6 or 7


In the settings, reduce the Tool Icon size and the Font Size - both options are near the top. You may ultimately have to put all the windows on top of each other with such a short display (tabbed, not arranged vertically).

Fixed thanks, I did change the font before with no joy and then forgot all about the ICON sizing…Bit slow at times haha… Thank you greatly

PS: Problem returns. The layer color pallet when active at the bottom of the screen is what is causing the issue. When turned off everything is fine. when on Layer TABS for cutting are muddled. font size reduced to 9, Icon as small as I can get without going blind.

Can’t win them all I guess

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