Lightburn leaving bridges at the end of cuts


I am working on a little tool out of acrylic. I have to take a portion of material off (as seen in the picture) and some of these “cuts” crossing each other. Unfortunately Lightburn seems to leave about ~0.5mm material on these edges (in the circles). How can I avoid this?

In the pictures they have been removed by me manually. Far from ideal.

Are you going ‘over’ the end or up to it? Looks like the cut lines at that point are really irregular. Is that usually normal? Difficult to see the left circled object. Is that a diagonal cut? Are they on the same layer?

Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t actually see the effect on the hole, circles?

What kind of power and speeds are you running. Could the acrylic be getting too warm?

Show us what they look like prior to this manual work. :slight_smile:

I need to cut another one then later. But it looks like these area have been left out on purpose. Leaving these .5mm bridges.

Here is a picture how it looks in Lightburn. These edges are overlapping. Also tried to just have these layer touching instead laying on each other. Same result.

If you are cutting these grooves with scanning (fill) then perhaps try switching overscan on in the layers setting. The laser is possibly not starting quickly enough.



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