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not sure if question was already posted by someone else, but need to ask…
At the moment I have Ortur LM2 Laser and the licence is on this type of laser.
I am planning to buy CO2 in some time, which I will to look for that support Lightburn as I learned this software and not willing to swap to any other as my files are already *.lbrn and I have some knowledge here too.
Question is, if I will buy laser on ruida controller, can my licence be swapped to this controller? Should not be I have to buy another licence? I would be more happy to just change licence as I already paid for it. Sorry for that maybe silly question but important to me. Also if laser like k40 (I will not buy it but still important to know) is not supporting lightburn, how to change something in machine to be supported?
Thank you for your time and patience.

There are two different LightBurn licenses. The $40 version will control GCode controllers only. The $80 will add the ability to control DSP based controllers. There is also an option to Upgrade your license from GCode only to DSP by just paying the $40 difference between the two licenses. The upgraded DSP license still allows you to use your GCode machine as well. Link to purchase the upgrad here:


thank you :slight_smile:

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