LightBurn license expired, can no longer can connect to laser and all settings gone

Got a message that the license expired, which it did. Now it’s unable to connect to the laser, and all the configuration settings have been reset, including the materials library.

RDWorks connects fine.

I thought LightBurn keeps working after the license expires, only you can’t update. Has this changed?

It has not changed, though if you’re running 0.9.04 or older, there was a bug that treated an expired license as an error. This was fixed for 0.9.05, last August. Which version do you have?

I have version 9.11

I see no reason your license would’ve stopped working. It’s possible that your settings were corrupted, but that wouldn’t cause LightBurn to stop talking to your laser. See if “find my laser” will find and set it up, and if not, send us an email to our support email and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

I ended up reinstalling on Linux and got the materials settings from a backup.

“Find my laser” wasn’t finding anything on the old Windows system.

I was using it the day before, and it stopped working right when it displayed the message that the license expired.

If you had an older version of LightBurn (0.9.04 or earlier) there was a bug in them that would treat an expired license as an error, and kick you out of the software. That could’ve done it, but anything past that treats expired as valid, as long as you don’t try to install a version newer than the expiry date of your key.

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