Lightburn License Portal

I am trying to get more information about managing the License Portal. I purchased a floating license and have 23 activations. I am having trouble utilizing the portal and I am not having success figuring it out. I had trouble activating the computers in the lab, though not sure how, I was able to get it to work. However, now I lost the ability to access Lighburn on my laptop. The most I have activated at a time was 13, so I did not go over on activations. I was hoping to get some sort of onboarding training or a phone call to clear up some of the dilemas I have been experiencing. Unfortunately, my classes had to supplement RDWorks in the meantime. I am hoping to fix this sooner than later if at all possible. Can anyone help?

Please reach out to our license support team via Email to: and we can assist you there. :slight_smile:

I did and the responder says to reach out on this forum. Nobody aside from you has responded to my post on this forum. I really wish there was some sort of onboarding with the portal because there is not much info on managing the license portal. I asked for a quick 15 min phone call to clear some things up and answer specific questions because I am trying to use this in my class, but have had to resort to RD Works due to I am not getting help. Its for students and in a school setting, so I would figure Lightburn would appreciate this scenario and want to help. I understand there is no customer support but surely there has to be someone willing to talk to me and help me out. I can pay for your time if that is the issue.

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