LightBurn License Problem

Hi there, I had to change my Harddisk due data problems and replaced it with a new one.
Now, when I open Lightburn, a popup shows me, that I don’t have a valid license and switched it to a 30 day trial version.
When I try to register my license-key, it is denied cause it says it was registered once.
What have I to do?

If i remember well you have to deactivate the license in old hdd and reactivate in the new install, if you can’t… You have to wait for LB admin to tell you what to do

You can email Lightburn support and they can transfer the license for you. I had to do that and it took like 4 hours for them to do it and respond. Super easy process.

Solved, I bought another License.

While I’m sure the developers appreciate the additional financial support, there is really no need to buy another license in this case. You own the license for life, explained here: How the LightBurn license works – LightBurn Software

You can also log into the License Portal and manage your installations, see your license key, etc.

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I’ve got the same problem logged in to license portal, I’ve changed the password it say logging in but nothing is happening

If you didn’t purchase your license directly from us, it won’t show up in the portal (unless you log in using the email address of whoever sold it to you).

Send an email to with your license key and we can assign the key to your email address.

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