Lightburn locks up after going from multiple monitors back to laptop only

I use multiple monitors when my laptop is docked. Everything works fine. However if I undock it and use laptop only then open Lightburn, import an item, and click on the preview button it opens the preview on one of my “other screens” apparently because I can’t see the preview, and I can’t do anything else with Lightburn because it knows there is an active window open for the preview so I can’t close the program or do anything else. I have to open task manager, and end process then I can reopen Lightburn. The program works fine with just my laptop and will send the files to the laser with no problems, until I select the preview button. The software should open the preview on top of the current screen and not another monitor that is no longer hooked up. Fantastic software besides that.

Try holding shift when you open the preview window after undocking. That will reset the window position.


Ray is right - LightBurn remembers the window positions and layout when it launches, and when the preview is brought up. If you make that position invalid, I think Windows still allows it. Holding Shift when you launch the app (or the preview) will bypass restoring the position of the window and just let the system default set it. I’ll make a note to see if I can detect invalid positions and skip automatically.

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I have fixed this for the next release. Both the main window and the preview window will now check to make sure the “restore” position is valid. If it isn’t, they use the default.

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