Lightburn logo burns instead of my project

Sometimes after I frame a project several times in a row to get it perfect, I will send it to the laser and it will go to a random location and start burning “LIGHTBURN” instead of the project I just spent time getting lined up. This often ruins the project. After resetting and re-framing, it burns my project like it should. I don’t make any changes to the setup other than framing again to get the burn where I want it. I’m using an Xtool D1 laser. Why does this happen?

Thanks for that. This probably what IS what is causing my problem all right. The thing is, I’m NOT using a cracked version. I PAID lightburn for the software. I downloaded it from the lightburn website, and have used the activation code I received from lightburn to activate it on the computer that is connected to my laser as well as the one I use for design. When I go to license management on my computer, it says I have 323 days left in my activation.


If you go to Help->License Management, do you also see the same 323 days?

That’s where I saw it. On my design computer. Help - license management

Sorry. I misread what you wrote and assumed you were talking about the license management site.

Can you login to the site and correlate on that side then? Want to rule out the possibility that somehow things are out of sync.

Sorry for assuming. Did you have some type of malware scanner run? It could have messed up some files or configs somewhere.
Lightburn has been great about fixing problems for me.

Send an email to support from your registered email address and let us know what fixed it.

I just let windows defender handle that. It hasn’t found any problems on my design computer, but I haven’t checked the one on my laser since the last Lightburn update. I’ll check it next time I get out there.

I logged in to the license management site. It shows my two active computers, my activation code, and the date I activated. Everything looks right to me there.

I think in that case @kja’s suggestion is the only possible one. Reach out to support at

Does the issue occur on both of your computers or only one?

Ok, I will do that. I don’t know if it affects both computers because I have never had this one connected to the laser. The laser is in my shop and my design computer is a desktop in the house.

Would love to hear what the ultimate solution is to this. Please keep us updated!

Sorry it took so long to reply.

Support had me generate support data for both computers. They then had me de-authorize the instance of Lightburn running on my laser computer and then uninstall it. I had to re-download, install, and authorize again on that computer. Since then I haven’t been able to spend much time with my laser so I wasn’t sure that it was fixed. Last week I burned a series of 18 instances of a label I created onto some wine bottles I am using for a batch of homemade wine. They all burned successfully, so I assume the problem is resolved. Lightburn support didn’t say what the support data showed or even if they found anything at all.


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