Lightburn loses control once I press Stop button

Hello, the following happens: I do something dumb and I press Stop in lightburn. Once I do this I can no longer control the axes. Jogging in the Move panel works but I cannot home, I cannot start new burn. Lightburn shows a progress bar and says it is sending (?) some data. Inputting $X in the terminal to unlock the machine does nothing. I have to close lightburn, open pronterface, home the machine (it is working fine in pronterface always), reopen lightburn then I can do anything again. It is really frustrating. If you have any idea how to solve this please share.

I see that this is in the Smoothieware group.

I believe that your Sculpfun S9 uses regular GRBL.

Would you mind sharing the text appearing in your Console window so we can see which error locked the engraver and if it automatically unlocked in the following few lines.

I’d be happy to move the message to the correct group once Sculpfun S9, GRBL and some Console data is confirmed.

Hi John, I’m in the right group. My diode is Sculpfun but my controller is running smoothieware configured with the laser module.
I figured out the issue but it is still an issue. Once I press Stop button and Lightburn sends a !! command, the $X command sent from lightburn is not unlocking the machine. Then I open pronterface, connect to the machine and the $X unlocks the machine from pronterface. So this is some issue with the console in lightburn.

Are you able to clear the alarm with M999?

Also, is there a reason why you’re regularly using the stop button in LightBurn? This forces a halt state and you lose position doing that. If you can, you’re better off pausing first, then stopping. That would prevent the halt state and you would not lose position.

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i will try m999 also. I did not know about this pause-stop thing. I will try it today. Thank you

m999 works. $X not for whatever reason. But this is ok with me.
Thank you

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