Lightburn loses network connection with laser after action

My new laser has a Ruida controller and I connected it to the network. It works and I can send files and orders to the laser, but everytime after I have succesfully send an order, Lightburn says it has disconnected. When I ping the laser from my laptop, it replies, but I have to reconnect Lightburn again to make a connection again. Wat do I wrong?

what happens if you click on refresh file list?

I tried and it works, thank you. But why does Lightburn lose the connection?

the disconnect is on purpose so that it doesnt block other software from connecting to your laser but why it wouldnt not reconnect is the question

Under which Operating System (please include the version number) and what version of LightBurn, please?

Windows 10 Home build 19041.804
LB 0.9.20

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