Lightburn lowers power on occasion

Hello, I believe I have a software issue to report. Lightburn galvo latest edition, but has been occurring the last few as well.

Omtech 50w fiber. 6 months old. Few months ago I reported this issue to omtech (issue will be explained in a sec) and they told me my laser source was going bad. Sent me a new source. Ran great. Now a month later SAME ISSUE!!! HELP!

Lightburn. Running a job at 80% power works perfect for repeat jobs. If I delete the picture/image etc but keep lightburn on the same page and run a different picture… it runs like 40% ish power even though its still set for 80%. If I pump it to 100%… same 40% ish.

Power supply checks out ok. Different usb cable and slot still no change. One way to clear it is hit the Fiber button on the machine to turn off. Wait 10 seconds or so and power back on and Im in it. Next way is exit lightburn and open up a new one. This is intermittent. I am also now reading 3 people on my forum with the same issue, different manufactures. But all lightburn.

Again, set params in lightburn, pull in a file to engrave- all good. Keep lightburn open same board, delete picture, pull in another and bam.

Ideas? Cant be the laser source its brand new, seems to be software. Laser everything is the site I use.

Thanks and help!

Could you email us at and link to this thread in the body of your email, so we can investigate further?

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