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Hello! Not sure if this is the right spot for this. The latest 1.2 version for MacOS seems to have partial dark mode. The issue is the icons and all are black with the dark gray background. This makes it hard to see. There doesn’t seem to be a way of turning it off unless I make that change in my system preferences for the MacOS. Any updates on this?

EDIT: The code to disable dark mode on LB is in the replies below. Here is a screenshot showing my computer in Dark Mode but LB not.

LightBurn does not currently support macOS Dark-mode natively. As you point out, work needs to be done to provide alternative icons and display elements that work in dark mode, but that work has yet to begin and will take some time. :slight_smile:

Of course! But there is no way to turn off the “unfinished” dark mode so it is either turn it off on the entire OS or suffer through the half done dark mode haha. Anyway to turn off the dark mode in the LB settings?

It’s not a LightBurn setting, unfortunately, but one that Apple has decided to shove forcibly down everyone’s throats. Until we update the entire icon library in LightBurn to have inverted versions, there’s no way around it. (Edit: Happy to be proven wrong by our resident Mac guru below)

Some quick googling shows that if you are good with using terminal/command line, there are options. :slight_smile:

Just one I found…

Thanks for that! I am only wondering because I know in some other apps (like telegram) there are appearance options.

What would it look like to get all the icons transferred over into a dark mode compatible format?

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 4.09.51 PM

If we could show you what it would “look like”, we could provide the dark-mode compatibility already. :wink: We have not started this work as yet, but it is on the list to do at some point.

gotcha! Well I managed to get the command line to work. Here it is for anyone else who needs it!

defaults write com.LightBurnSoftware.LightBurn NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool Yes
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If willing, edit your post to include a full-screen capture showing in dark-mode with LightBurn excluded, that would help folks that see this later with some context and examples. Thanks :slight_smile:

Of course. Let me know if what it is now is good to go.

Sorry, not understanding. I was asking for you to show us what “I managed to get the command line to work.” looks like.

I also found a nice little utility that could help folks that are not as familiar with command-line usage, called NightOwl.

“NightOwl allows you to easily manage which of your Apps should stay light, while your system runs in Dark Mode.”

“NightOwl is a small menubar app which toggles your Macs dark mode. Scheduled toggling, sunset/sunrise based toggling, quick-toggling and the ability to exclude certain Apps from Dark Mode makes NightOwl the perfect app for nocturnal people!” -

Thank you @donwattz1459 - this worked fantastic and makes the tools icons so much easier to see. :+1:

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